Junkyard Dog Collection - Books 5-8

Junkyard Dog Collection - Books 5-8

von: Charley Marsh

Publishdrive, 2017

ISBN: 9781945856358 , 362 Seiten

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Junkyard Dog Collection - Books 5-8


Double Cross

Sometimes even the simplest of tasks go awry.

Important business takes space pilot Margarita King and her companions to ZetiTau, the galaxy's Central Bank.

An efficient, strictly-controlled planet. Customers show up. Conduct their business. Spend a few credits. Leave. Exactly the way banking should be conducted.

Too bad not everyone agrees.

Double Cross takes Margarita and her friends deep into the strange heart of ZetiTau banking where few have gone before.

Spider Silk

Spider silk. Lighter than air. Indestructible. No wonder Margarita King wears spider silk skinsuits and wants them for her companions.

To get them Margarita must give in to Shia Marie, aka 'The Spider Woman's' demand- 'Come to Kwaku.'

Kwaku. Mysterious. Isolated. Home to the giant silk spiders. Never before visited by any living being.

Book Six of the Junkyard Dog series takes Margarita King and her companions into the bizarre and deadly world of spider silk.

Rose Sunstone

From a law enforcement agent who believed in the black and white of the law to a private citizen who now sees shades of gray, Margarita King finds herself on a mission that straddles the line.

As the Junkyard Dog carries Rita and her crew to the remote planet Myam, the only known source for a powerful crystal known as the Rose Sunstone, she asks herself if the end justifies the means.

Possession of the sunstone means imprisonment without parole. And yet Rita risks everything, including the freedom of her crew, to get a sample to Slade.

They would soon learn that not only galaxy law protects the rare crystal. Join Margarita and the crew of the Junkyard Dog as they tackle a seemingly impossible and deadly task in the tale of the Rose Sunstone.

New Earth

After nearly losing Lexa on Myam, Margarita decides to visit New Earth to give her companions some much needed R & R.

New Earth, fashioned after the great amusement parks on the original Earth.

Visitors from all across the galaxy come for the amazing rides including the Giant Wheel, food and craft stands, and to test themselves at the games of skill.

Prime marks for the gang of abandoned children with nowhere to go and only one way to survive, and for a visiting ship full of murderous pirates.

Join Margarita King as once again the crew of the Junkyard Dog finds life-threatening trouble in an unexpected place.