Stolen (A Stolen Love Series, #1)

Stolen (A Stolen Love Series, #1)

von: S L H

S L H, 2017

ISBN: 6610000042241 , 233 Seiten

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Stolen (A Stolen Love Series, #1)


A ransom is set, but is the price too high?

She stole his heart and broke he stole the one thing she loved most in the world. Can a stolen love ever be forgiven? Can an old love ever be forgotten? In a world of special powers and a city that never sleeps, Ricky and Hanna search for the answers.

Ricky 'Lucky' Luckett is a smooth talking ex-superhero who is in need of a lot of cash in a short amount of time. He has a plan to come up with the money; however, in doing, so he will have to face a past he has gone to drastic measures to try and erase. Will Ricky have the strength to face his first love, or will she continue to be his one weakness?
Hanna is forced to deal with an ultimatum from her one-time lover. If he still loves her, she can rest assured that her nightmare will soon come to an end. However, if he is secretly looking for revenge, her entire world will come crumbling down.
Nicolas 'Chancellor' Lancaster is the leader of the Knight Watch and the former best friend of Ricky. The two men, who were once so close, are now enemies on account of falling in love with the same woman. Hanna, the woman in question, now belongs to Nickolas. He had long ago won the battle, yet a war was approaching--along with the fear he was now on the losing side.