Materials for Springs

Materials for Springs

von: Yoshiro Yamada

Springer-Verlag, 2007

ISBN: 9783540738121 , 377 Seiten

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Materials for Springs


'Materials for springs' is basically intended for engineers related to spring materials and technologies who graduated from metallurgical or mechanical engineering course in technical high school, or in other higher engineering schools, as well as those who are related to purchases or sales of spring materials. This book is the first comprehensive treatment in this specific topic. It is written by experts of the JSSE (Japan Society of Spring Engineers).

Dr. Yoshiro Yamada:
- Master of Engineering Degree from the Graduate School of Osaka University in 1966
- Doctor of Engineering Degree from the same university in 1976
- Japanese Professional Engineer Degree in metallurgy in 2000.
Yoshiro Yamada entered Kobe Steel Ltd., in 1966 and became the general manager of the Wire Rod and Bar Development Department in 1989 and the Wire Rod and Bar Technology Department in 1992.
He then was a director and Technical Advisor at Suncall Corporation from 1993 to2003.
In 2002, Dr. Yamada established Yamada Research & Consultant Office.  He is now a lecturer at the Setsunan University in Osaka (from 2006) and the Representative of the Yamada Research and Consultant Office. He has contributed development of high strength spring steels and springs etc. His name and achievements are introduced in various biographical books such as Marquis Who'sWho in the World in recent editions etc.