The Memoirs of Miss Bunny Saint James - The Madam Prodigy

von: Howard Ingram

How Productions, 2016

ISBN: 9780996796897 , 390 Seiten

Format: ePUB

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The Memoirs of Miss Bunny Saint James - The Madam Prodigy


The Madam Prodigy begins with Madam Bunny Saint James ending her life and leaving her most treasured possession for the public - her memoirs. For the past fifteen years, Miss Bunny Saint James has chronicled every joy, devastation, and obstacle that she has experienced - from her many marriages and love affairs, to her twisted dark family secrets that halted her pursuit of happiness in every turn Her first entry introduces readers to the notorious Pussy Posse where Bunny is thrown head first into the lifestyle of an escort. In her new lifestyle, Bunny is forced to come to terms with the very things she's been running from since her childhood. However, in order to reign victorious in her taboo lifestyle, she has to overcome every treacherous challenge imaginable - murders, rapes, lies, and deceptions. As Bunny flipped through the pages of her diary, she replay the many scenes that led to her demise. Prepare yourself for the lyrical glamour, the endless twists and turns, and the infamous jaw dropping moments as you enter the world of Miss Bunny Saint James.