Vision 2050 - Roadmap for a Sustainable Earth

von: Hiroshi Komiyama, Steven Kraines

Springer-Verlag, 2008

ISBN: 9784431094319 , 162 Seiten

Format: PDF, OL

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Vision 2050 - Roadmap for a Sustainable Earth


Hiroshi Komiyama's 'Vision 2050' is a plan for paving a road to global sustainability. It lays out a path to a sustainable future for humanity that could realistically be achieved by 2050 through the application of science and technology. A prominent Japanese academic and leader in global sustainability, Komiyama draws upon realistic assumptions and solid scientific concepts to create a vision that makes the living standards enjoyed by developed countries today possible for all people by 2050. 'Vision 2050' is built upon three fundamental principles - increased energy efficiency, recycling, and development of renewable energy sources - and the book argues for the technological potential of all three. Specifically, Komiyama envisions a three-fold increase in overall energy efficiency and a doubling of renewable energy resources by 2050. 'Vision 2050: Roadmap for a Sustainable Earth' is written to address the concerned citizen as well as to inspire an exchange of ideas among experts, policy makers, industrial leaders, and the general public.