Petroleum Geology Offshore Cabinda - An Overview of N'SANO Field

von: Ataliba Miguel

GRIN Verlag , 2014

ISBN: 9783656623069 , 22 Seiten

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Petroleum Geology Offshore Cabinda - An Overview of N'SANO Field


Technical Report from the year 2012 in the subject Geography / Earth Science - Geology, Mineralogy, Soil Science, grade: B, Robert Gordon University Aberdeen, language: English, abstract: This report has been written to describe the basic understanding of the petroleum system on the N'SANO field offshore Cabinda in Angola. The N'SANO field was discovered in 1992 and is located on Block 0 offshore of Cabinda province in Angola. The Block 0 is mainly divided into three source rock Megasystems which are associated with three distinct geologic packages. The Bucomazi formation is the most prolific source rock in the Area A of Block 0. The source rocks for the Bucomazi are kerogen of type I and type I-II, the migration is mostly fault related (vertical), the reservoirs are sandstones of synrift and postrift age, sealed by transgressive marine shales of Cenomanian-Eocene age. Key words: Petroleum geology; source rock; reservoir rock; migration; trap; seal