Seven Steps to Leading a Gender-Balanced Business

Seven Steps to Leading a Gender-Balanced Business

von: Avivah Wittenberg-Cox

Harvard Business Review Press, 2014

ISBN: 9781625275639

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Seven Steps to Leading a Gender-Balanced Business


The proven rewards of a gender-balanced business.Scores of studies have shown the benefits to the bottom line of gender-balanced organizations. A handful of smart companies have tapped into the opportunities of todays female consumer base and talent poolyet too many companies still struggle with an outdated and ineffective imbalance of genders, across all levels, functions, and geographies.Now, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox brings a practical, seasoned voice to the problem of gender imbalance in business, laying out proven actions designed to make gender balance a sustainable reality. Wittenberg-Cox, CEO of the consultancy 20-first, has worked with some of the worlds largest and most reputable firms to deliver the benefits of balance. In this HBR Single ebook, she outlines what companies need to do to bring about real change. Beyond the usual well-intentioned but often ineffective mentoring and networking programs for women, the author argues that building gender balance is a twenty-first century management and leadership skill. Bringing a business into successful gender balance requires leaders who have a strategic understanding of the considerable economic benefits that lie untapped in the female populationin their roles both as customers and as talentand the competencies needed to work across genders.Its time for businesses to tap into 100% of the talent pool and connect with 100% of the marketboth male and female. Wittenberg-Cox tells us how and why gender balance needs to happen nowand how to achieve it.HBR Singles provide brief yet potent business ideas, in digital form, for todays thinking professional.