Involuntary Childlessness - Psychological Assessment, Counseling, and Psychotherapy

von: Bernhard Strauss

Hogrefe Publishing, 2002

ISBN: 9781616761981 , 203 Seiten

Format: PDF, OL

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Involuntary Childlessness - Psychological Assessment, Counseling, and Psychotherapy


Table of Contents, Foreword and Preface


Psychological and Psychosomatic Aspects of Involuntary Childlessness: State of Research at the End of the 1990’ s

5,76 EUR

Psychological Diagnosis, Counseling, and Psychotherapy in Fertility Medicine – An Overview

5,12 EUR

Primary Medical Care of Infertile Couples – Limitations and Opportunities

5,44 EUR

The Unfulfilled Desire for a Child of Oriental Couples – Infertility Counseling and Treatment of Turkish Immigrants in Germany

3,20 EUR

Psychological Therapy in Idiopathic Infertility:

5,76 EUR

Focal Counseling for Women and Couples with

8,32 EUR

Solution-Focused Counseling for Involuntarily Childless Couples

7,04 EUR

Couple Counseling and Therapy for the

7,68 EUR

The Relationship of Research and Practice in Fertility Medicine

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Bibliography and List of Authors


Practical Therapy in Sterility– A Manual for Gynecologists from a Psychosomatic Point of View

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List of Contact Addresses for Organizations

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