Issues Decisive for China's Rise or Fall - An International Law Perspective

von: Yuwa Wei

Springer-Verlag, 2019

ISBN: 9789811336997 , 203 Seiten

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Issues Decisive for China's Rise or Fall - An International Law Perspective


This book focuses on the most serious social and economic challenges faced by China from a public international law perspective. The vast and diversified nature of public international law inspires the author to organize the book on a topic oriented basis, i.e. selecting five most crucial and interrelated issues in contemporary China to investigate and address. It reviews and evaluates China's response to these challenges and its continuing efforts in searching for solutions to these problems. These issues are inter-related and mutually affective, and moreover, impact collectively on the nation's standings in the international community. The country's national stability and economic sustainability may be retained only when these issues are dealt with efficiently and appropriately.  
This is a timely and comprehensive book addressing the most crucial problems confronted by contemporary China in the field of public international law, mainly concerning border issues, natural resources, environment and corruption. The work not only addresses these issues separately, but also delineates their interrelationships. In doing so, the complexity of these issues is revealed to a full extent.