New Models of Financing and Financial Reporting for European SMEs - A Practitioner's View

von: Eva Kaili, Dimitrios Psarrakis, Raz van Hoinaru

Palgrave Macmillan, 2019

ISBN: 9783030028312 , 179 Seiten

Format: PDF

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New Models of Financing and Financial Reporting for European SMEs - A Practitioner's View


This book looks at the 23 million registered Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that make up 98 per cent of the EU economy. Addressing the high end of SMEs in terms of new models for SME funding and financial reporting, this merged way of looking at SMEs reveals a 'myopic' thinking in terms of net present value and (future) cash flows generating short-termism and low risk appetite for business. This is not an accounting issue, but rather a preference toward certain financial tools. A segment of SMEs, the ones that seek new ways of funding possibilities, as well as modern technologies (MTFs listing, blockchain, ICOs, etc.) do require, even without knowing, IFRS for SMEs. This book reveals how market conditions impact the financial performance and sustainability of SMEs and also generate innovative policy interventions and financing strategies for SME integrity and efficiency. The authors frame their arguments in the context of the Capital Markets Union, looking at the Innovation Triangle, SME growth ecosystem and business models. They conclude by advocating for closing the circle of financing and financial reporting for SMEs, while considering if new financial models of financing and financial reporting are good for all the SMEs or only for some. 
The economy is being shaped by new models of financing and financial reporting. Read this practitioners' view to understand the current changes and challenges.

Eva Kaili is a Member of the European Parliament, elected in 2014. In her capacity as the Chair of the European Parliament's Science and Technology Options Assessment body (STOA), she has worked intensively on promoting innovation as a driving force of the establishment of the European Digital Single Market. She has been particularly active in the fields of blockchain technology, m/eHealth, big data, FinTech, AI and cybersecurity.

Dimitrios Psarrakis is Advisor of Economic and Monetary Policy at the European Parliament. He works mainly on files related to the Capital Markets Union, FinTech, and Financial Innovation. Prior to his work in the European Parliament he worked as credit risk specialist in the banking sector and advised the Greek Parliament during the years of the Greek debt crisis.

Raz van Hoinaru is part of the IFRS Permanent Team of the European Parliament. His work has spanned across public affairs agencies, government bodies, private companies, lobby and Parliament in-house policy development and advocacy. He has also taught classes at Queen Mary, University of London.