von: Fadi Abu Zuhri

ZAHF.ME, 2019

ISBN: 9782919956012 , 223 Seiten

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This is book is the result of my two academic interests. On a professional level I have too often found that there is a lot of misleading information being dished out on the reasons behind some of the most high profile cyber attacks. Both the media and the so called security experts end up in a blame game without factual evidence or a clear understanding of what lies behind the obvious. My research focuses on proposing a model for Cyber Criminal Psychology & Profiling that incorporates multiple intelligence, Interviewing Techniques, Cyber Criminal Psychology, Cyber forensics and Offender Profiling. The traditional model of offender profiling does not incorporate the human side of the profiler nor the offender. A better profile of a Cyber-Criminal will help in speeding up the investigation process and ensuring better identification of the Cyber-Criminal. On a personal level, especially after going through a traumatic cancer struggle, I have found that people around me are missing vital things in life. Some out of ignorance and some out of misinterpretation of facts. The book is a collection of 31 articles, which took almost three years of constant effort. The book is split into five chapters, each representing a unique theme, each with multiple articles of interest. Chapter 1 focuses on Cyber Forensics, Chapter 2 on Profiling, Chapter 3 on Interview Techniques, Chapter 4 on Forensics Psychology and Chapter 5 on Multiple Intelligences. Although the chapters are in a certain order, each article can be read on its own in any order. The one thing I learnt in preparing the articles is how valuable knowledge of the self and surroundings are in figuring out better solutions for oneself and in the workplace. I hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I enjoyed writing them. I also hope you find them useful.

Fadi Abu Zuhri has over twenty years of experience in Technical & Security Audit, Digital Forensics and Technical Investigation, Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Technical Process Improvement. He has varied experience in Government, Federal Public Institution, Banking, Financial Services, Education, Properties and Trading Agencies. Fadi's subjects of interest are Technical & Security Advisory, Business and Process Improvement, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Cultural Intelligence (CQ), People Intelligence (PQ), Cyber Criminal Psychology, Offender Profiling and Deception. Fadi Abu Zuhri is a multi-faceted person. In addition to being knowledgeable in information security, he has spent a lot of time studying human intelligence, personal health and alternative therapies. He is a cancer survivor and this has perhaps given him a unique perspective to life - something that comes across his research papers.