Poisoned Society

Poisoned Society

von: Ashley Roberts

Lulu.com, 2017

ISBN: 9780244935276

Format: ePUB

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Poisoned Society


This book is a dedication my years spent analysing society. There has become so many problems that it's a question of how long can I tolerate remaining alive amongst humans when proved that they are all evil creatures with only greed in their heart. For the different aspects of a personality that make a human, what should make us unique is what makes us predictable and unevolved. This book is a summarisation of the different demographics in society, the problems within humanity based on those demographics and the key aspects of why suicide is a considerably good option, because of these problems. Humans are so evil that it has become an epidemic of mistakes which makes us human. 'Every human makes mistakes'. Mistakes highlighted in this book preach there is no equality, the hypocrisy and hypocritical nature of humans makes us evil. A new concept is enlightened as various truths about the ugliness of who we really are as a species is proven within this book.