Parenting as Spiritual Practice and Source for Theology - Mothering Matters

von: Claire Bischoff, Elizabeth O'Donnell Gandolfo, Annie Hardison-Moody

Palgrave Macmillan, 2017

ISBN: 9783319596532 , 308 Seiten

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Parenting as Spiritual Practice and Source for Theology - Mothering Matters


This volume investigates how mothers can understand parenting as spiritual practice, and what this practice means for theological scholarship. An intergenerational and intercultural group of mother-scholars explores these questions that arise at the intersection of motherhood studies, religious practice, pastoral care, and theology through engaging and accessible essays.  Essays include both narrative and theological elements, as authors draw on personal reflection, interviews, and/or sociological studies to write about the theological implications of parenting practice, rethink key concepts in theology, and contribute to a more robust account of parenting as spiritual practice from various theological perspectives. The volume both challenges oppressive, religious images of self-sacrificing motherhood and considers the spiritual dimensions of mothering that contribute to women's empowerment and well-being.  It also deepens practical and systematic theologies to include concern for the embodied and everyday challenges and joys of motherhood as it is experienced and practiced in diverse contexts of privilege and marginalization. 

Claire Bischoff is Assistant Professor of Theology at St. Catherine University.  She has served previously as adjunct professor of religious education at Lexington Theological Seminary. She has blogged about the spiritual practice of parenting for Keeping Faith Today, a lectionary-based resource for small Christian communities, and is the co-editor of My Red Couch and Other Stories on Seeking a Feminist Faith.
 Elizabeth O'Donnell Gandolfo is the Edith B. and Arthur E. Earley Assistant Professor of Catholic and Latin American Studies at Wake Forest University School of Divinity. Her book, The Power and Vulnerability of Love: A Theological Anthropology, draws on women's experiences of maternity and natality to construct a theology of suffering and redemption anchored in the reality of human vulnerability.  
Annie Hardison-Moody is Assistant Professor of Religion and Health in the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences at North Carolina State University.  Her work focuses on gender, reproductive health, foods and nutrition, and parenting. Her book, When Religion Matters: Practicing Healing in the Aftermath of the Liberian Civil War is forthcoming from Wipf & Stock Publishers.