Tissue Engineering I - Scaffold Systems for Tissue Engineering

Tissue Engineering I - Scaffold Systems for Tissue Engineering

von: Kyongbum Lee, David Kaplan

Springer-Verlag, 2006

ISBN: 9783540319481 , 243 Seiten

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Tissue Engineering I - Scaffold Systems for Tissue Engineering


E.J. Semler, C.S. Ranucci, P.V. Moghe: Tissue Assembly Guided viaa Substrate Biophysics: Applications to Hepatocellular Engineering.- L.S. Nair, C.T. Laurencin: Polymers as Biomaterials forTissue Engineering and Controlled Drug Delivery.- H.H. Lu, J. Jiang: Interface Tissue Engineering and the Formulation of Multiple-Tissue Systems.- T. Matsumoto, D.J. Mooney: Cell Instructive Polymers.- J.P. Acker: Biopreservation of Cells and Engineered Tissues.- S. Patil, Z. Li, C. Chan: Cellular to Tissue Informatics: Approaches to Opitimizing Cellular Function of Engineered Tissue.- T.A. Holland, A.G. Mikos: Biodegradable Polymeric Scaffolds. Improvements in Bone Tissue Engineering through Controlled Drug Delivery.- J. Velema, D. Kaplan: Biopolymer-Based Biomaterials as Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering.