The Far Side of the Moon - A Photographic Guide

von: Charles Byrne

Springer-Verlag, 2007

ISBN: 9780387732060 , 215 Seiten

Format: PDF, OL

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The Far Side of the Moon - A Photographic Guide


The far side of the Moon, also called the 'dark side of the Moon' was unknown to humanity until the Luna and Lunar Orbiter pictures were returned to Earth. This wonderful book contains beautiful photographs and newly-assembled mosaic images of the far side of the Moon, cleaned of transmission, imaging stripes and processing artifacts by today's computer technology. Byrne's superb analysis documents the appearance of the features of the far side with beautiful pictures from Lunar Orbiter. Until now, the far side Lunar Orbiter photos have only been available with strong reconstruction lines, but appear here for the first time as complete photographs, unmarred by imaging and processing artifacts.

Charlie Byrne worked as a systems engineer at Bellcomm, for support of the Lunar Orbiter project. He is currently carrying out research about the Moon, and was the discoverer of the gigantic 'near side megabasin' that covers nearly all of the near side of the Moon and whose ejecta has established the shape of the far side of the Moon.