Patterns of Light - Chasing the Spectrum from Aristotle to LEDs

Patterns of Light - Chasing the Spectrum from Aristotle to LEDs

von: Steven Beeson, James W. Mayer

Springer-Verlag, 2007

ISBN: 9780387751078 , 204 Seiten

Format: PDF, OL

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  • Constructal Theory of Social Dynamics
    Plasma Polarization Spectroscopy
    Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice
    Semiclassical Dynamics and Relaxation
    Rhythm and Transforms
    A History of Thermodynamics - The Doctrine of Energy and Entropy
  • IUTAM Symposium on Computational Methods in Contact Mechanics - Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Hannover, Germany, November 5-8, 2006
    Fragmentation of Rings and Shells - The Legacy of N.F. Mott
    Nonequilibrium Carrier Dynamics in Semiconductors - Proceedings of the 14th International Conference, July 25-29, 2005, Chicago, USA
    Einstein's Struggles with Quantum Theory - A Reappraisal
    Highlights of Spanish Astrophysics IV - Proceedings of the Seventh Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Astronomical Society (SEA) held in Barcelona, Spain, September 12-15, 2006
    The Nonlinear Universe - Chaos, Emergence, Life

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Patterns of Light - Chasing the Spectrum from Aristotle to LEDs


Any student or engineer working in optics or the field of laser technology will find this a fascinating read. The book begins by addressing the properties of light as seen in the everyday world: events such as refraction in a pool, lenses in the form of glasses, the colors of objects, and atmospheric events. Latter chapters explain these events at the atomic and subatomic level and address the use of electron and optical microscopy in observing the worlds unseen by the unaided eye. Exercises and activities will be found in an appendix, but the primary volume can stand alone if the reader so desires.