Rural Analysis and Management - An Earth Science Approach to Rural Science

Rural Analysis and Management - An Earth Science Approach to Rural Science

von: Francisco J. Tapiador

Springer-Verlag, 2007

ISBN: 9783540733430 , 347 Seiten

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Rural Analysis and Management - An Earth Science Approach to Rural Science


This handbook presents the foundations of modern rural analysis. The first part of the book presents a comprehensive description of the elements of rural analysis, providing the basis for a synthetic view of rural landscapes in the second part. Included is a comprehensive description and explanation of the rural landscapes from throughout the world, which leads to a complete management scheme for rural landscapes.

Dr Francisco J. Tapiador is senior scientist in Earth Sciences and lectures in the Department of Environmental Sciences at UCLM (Toledo, Spain). He graduated in Geography and holds a master's degree in Cadastral Cartography and a PhD in Physics. He has worked as professional geographer in large regional development projects, developing both guidelines and policies for regional and rural planning, and implementing geographical information and management systems. His research in rural issues spans from Climate Change to Historical GIS and Remote Sensing, having written more than 50 research papers in the last 5 years. His findings have been published in highly cited journals (Landscape and Urban Planning, Journal of Geography in Higher Education, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Geophysical Research Letters and International Journal of Remote Sensing, amongst others). He has been a visiting scholar at the universities of Barcelona (Spain), Cambridge (UK) and The Sorbonne (France).