Rock Damage and Fluid Transport, Part II

von: Arno Zang, Ove Stephansson, G. Dresen

Birkhäuser Basel, 2007

ISBN: 9783764381240 , 2258 Seiten

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Rock Damage and Fluid Transport, Part II




Rock Damage and Fluid Transport, Part II


Short-Timescale Chemo-Mechanical Effects and their Influence on the Transport Properties of Fractured Rock


Permeability Evolution During Non-linear Viscous Creep of Calcite Rocks


Experimental Investigation into the Scale Dependence of Fluid Transport in Heterogeneous Rocks


Determination of Porosity and Permeability out of Dispersion Analyses of Borehole Wall Displacements


Fluid Pressure Variation in a Sedimentary Geothermal Reservoir in the North German Basin: Case Study Groß Schöebeck


Characterisation of Tensile Damage in Rock Samples Induced by Different Stress Paths


Monitoring Fracture Propagation in a Soft Rock (Neapolitan Tuff) Using Acoustic Emissions and Digital Images


Understanding the Seismic Velocity Structure of Campi Flegrei Caldera (Italy): From the Laboratory to the Field Scale


Spatial Scaling of Effective Modulus and Correlation of Deformation Near the Critical Point of Fracturing


Analysis of Temporal Structures of Seismic Events on Different Scale Levels