Cancer Chemotherapy in Clinical Practice

Cancer Chemotherapy in Clinical Practice

von: Terrence Priestman

Springer-Verlag, 2007

ISBN: 9781846289910 , 134 Seiten

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Cancer Chemotherapy in Clinical Practice


This excellent new book summarizes the whole range of systemic cancer therapies, explaining their mode of action and potential side-effects, as well as their clinical applications. It is divided into three sections. The first tackles the theoretical basis of cancer chemotherapy: following an historical introduction, the different treatment modalities are explained in the context of basic tumor biology. The text then moves on to the subject's practical aspects and covers dosing and drug delivery together with an extensive discussion of possible side-effects. Finally, Priestman looks at chemotherapy in the management of cancers. The book has a consistency of style which makes a wealth of complex information both readily accessible and easily understandable.

Dr Terrence J. Priestman is Clinical Director, Cancer Services, New Cross Hospital Wolverhampton, UK; Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Birmingham, UK; and Series Editor, Cancer BACUP publications. In addition to having published numerous articles and contributed 16 chapters, he also wrote 4 books on cancer chemotherapy, gastrointestinal cancer, coping with chemotherapy, and coping with breast cancer. He was founder editor of Clinical Oncology, deputy editor of Clinical Radiology, and editorial board member of British Journal of Cancer and Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy. He has also been writing for the charity 'Cancerbackup', which provides information to cancer patients and their carers.