Radiographic Atlas of Skull and Brain Anatomy

Radiographic Atlas of Skull and Brain Anatomy

von: Massimo Gallucci, Silvia Capoccia, Alessia Catalucci

Springer-Verlag, 2007

ISBN: 9783540494683 , 362 Seiten

Format: PDF

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Radiographic Atlas of Skull and Brain Anatomy


The English Edition contains a few differences from the first ItaHan Edition, which require an explanation. Firstly, some imag­ es, especially some 3D reconstructions, have been modified in order to make them clearer. Secondly, in agreement with the Publisher, we have disowned one of our statements in the preface to the Italian Edition. Namely, we have now added a brief introductory text for each section, by way of explanation to the anatomical and physiological notes. This should make it easier for the reader to understand and refer to this Atlas. These differences derive from our experience with the previous edition and are meant to be an improvement thereof Hopefully, there will be more editions to follow, so that we may further improve our work and keep ourselves busy on lone­ some evenings. Finally, the improvements in this edition are a reminder to the reader that one should never purchase the first edition of a work. UAquila, January 2006 The Authors Preface to the Italian Edition I have been meaning to publish an atlas of neuroradiologic cranio-encephaHc anatomy for at least the last decade. Normal anatomy has always been of great and charming interest to me. Over the years, while preparing lectures for my students, I have always enjoyed lingering on anatomical details that today are rendered with astonishing realism by routine diagnostic ima­ ging.