Practical Guide to Selecting Gametes and Embryos

Practical Guide to Selecting Gametes and Embryos

von: Markus Montag

CRC Press, 2014

ISBN: 9781842145487

Format: PDF

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Practical Guide to Selecting Gametes and Embryos


Among the many recent advances in assisted reproduction therapies (ART), improved technologies for identifying viable oocytes, sperm, and embryos are of primary importance. Paradoxically, the latest advances presented at conferences and symposia are often slow to become part of the daily routine in IVF laboratories. Detailing established and developing techniques, A Practical Guide to Selecting Gametes and Embryos provides a user-friendly text of ready-to-use ARTs that can be utilized effectively in the lab.In this volume, renowned embryologist and educator Markus Montag and his expert panel highlight sophisticated and proven selection strategies and emphasize the importance of proper lab practice in handling gametes and embryos.Topics include:Steps undertaken for the analysis of a semen sampleQuality control and prevention of exposure to toxins in oocyte collection and embryo cultureMorphological selection of gametes and embryosBoth commonly used and innovative techniques for gamete and embryo selection, such as oxygen respiration and time-lapse imagingInvasive techniques, including polar body, embryo, and blastocyst biopsies as well as aneuploidy testing by FISH and array-CGHAccompanied by numerous figures and descriptions, this guide to selecting gametes and embryos brings the insight of international authors with knowledge and expertise, highlighting practical tips and key points. The book offers a starting point for applying successful selection strategies for reducing the rate of high-risk multiple gestations while maintaining or increasing viable pregnancy rates.