Simple Living Guide

Simple Living Guide

von: Janet Luhrs

Crown Publishing Group, 2014

ISBN: 9780307803061

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Simple Living Guide


Whether you are looking at small solutions for cutting down the stress in your life or taking the big leap toward the simpler life, this book can be your guide.Janet Luhrs, the nationally recognized founder and editor of the Simple Living Journal, brings together strategies, inspiration, resources, and real-life profiles of people who have slowed down, overcome obstacles, and created richer lives.As Janet Luhrs says, Simple living is about living deliberately.Simple living is not about austerity, or frugality, or income level.It's about being fully aware of why you are living your particular life, and knowing that life is one you have chosen thoughtfully.Simple living is about designing our lives to coincide with our ideals. In The Simple Living Guide Janet Luhrs demonstrates how to live a deliberate, simpler life--and savor it.Discover Simple Living approaches to:Time Money Inner Simplicity Work Simple Pleasures and Romance Virtues Families Holidays Cooking and Nutrition Health and Exercise Housing Clutter Gardening TravelFrom the Trade Paperback edition.